A Different Possibility

Benevolent means that you shall do as little harm as possible. Benevolent leaders don't do anything to get a specific result.  They do it to create a greater possibility. If you are truly benevolent you will look at what is going to create more,  not what is going to create less. 

Benevolent capitalism
is about seeing the kindest
way, the least damage way to
create something greater in
the world that can create
more possibilities - so that
we can have some kind of sustainable future. 



In order to create a better world and create a sustainable future, we are all going to have to start making different choices in the way we live and our everyday actions. So really what is needed is a total shift in attitude and point of view, as well as appreciation that how we live our life makes a difference to all of us and to the planet.  

What could you change on the planet or in the universe if you choose to be a conscious benevolent leader and make that demand? ... Everything!


What if you where able to view your business through the point of view that it was about contributing, not only to yourself but to everyone else around you. What would need to change for that to occur? 

Doing no damage and choosing to maximize possibility instead of just maximize revenue & profit
are the basis components for generating a sustainable reality and a sustainable future.


Maximizing possibility instead of just maximizing profit is a matter of choice. If businesses choose to maximize possibility, then they can increase the prospect of changing the trauma, drama and insanities that are present in the world.

It is important to recognize that if capitalists choose to maximize possibility today, the world can have a future that has a different reality. By choosing to maximize possibility, businesses can become the catalyst for a different possibility in the world. If businesses choose to cling to the anti-conscious view of capitalism, then they create their business based on that framework. It’s just a choice!