Benevolent Capitalism - A New Paradigm

Business today needs a new paradigm along the lines of benevolent capitalism, because it is apparent that conventional business practices are out of balance—and we need to address this imbalance now. 

"Benevolent capitalism is about the idea that if you do as little harm as you can,
and you create for the future, a greater possibility can show up."

Benevolent capitalism, in our view, is a form of capitalism that is driven by businesses which not only think about the short-term financial benefits but also about building longer-term sustainable businesses that create economic, environmental and social value, that have a positive impact on society and the planet.  

Too much of what’s been done here is capitalism based on “I have to get my share” and not caring if anyone else does. Unless businesses function from benevolent capitalism and from what it would take to create more in the world for everybody, not just themselves, eventually we are going to use up the planets’ resources. We are not going to create a sustainable reality, nor a sustainable planet, unless things begin to change.

By sustainable, we’re not just talking “survive”, we’re talking about where there is actual growth and where reality and planet become something even greater.

Businesses must measure their success not only by their financial performance but also on how they are being a contribution to society and the world, as well as by the impact on the environment and on the society in which they operate.

"If we don’t start functioning from benevolent capitalism and we continue to function from using
and abusing to get what we want, the end result is going to be a world that’s not liveable."

Capitalism can be the source
for good when it is based on benevolence or it can be irresponsible and destructive to planet Earth if it is based on anti-consciousness and greed. 

The thing is, there is nothing wrong with capitalism and the willingness to make money. Business and capitalism are the greatest creators of value in the world. But they need to focus on sustainability instead of just thinking about short-term financial benefits. At the moment, too much capitalism tends to be about enriching the few at the expense of the many. Enriching the few is not so much the problem, it is more the “at the expense of the many”.