There is no wrong choice!

When we make a choice, it's not about making a right choice or a correct decision. There is really no wrong choice when we make our choice in the present moment.

Just because we make a choice, doesn’t mean we have to keep choosing it forever.  If we make a choice in business or with an investment and it’s not working out, then we can let it go and choose again. This is the way to change and transform everything in our life. 

To many people, sunk costs are a real emotional predicament, and letting go of the choice they made can be extremely painful. The willingness to let sunk costs go is the key to consciously creating generative wealth.

To some people, letting go of the choice they made, means admitting they were wrong.  They keep trying to make just one choice and not have to choose again. That is trying to make the choice right, which is choosing to cut off their awareness. But the truth is, they weren't wrong. They made a decision based on one set of information, but now they're aware of something new. There is always a moment where we can make a different choice.

Choice creates awareness.  Every choice creates many future possibilities, not a single result. It's not about making a right or a wrong choice. We can always make a new choice in the present moment based on new information. It is amazing that you can change one choice and it will change your entire life. It is so simple. 

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