Why only 1% of entrepreneurs in the world succeed

Only 1% of entrepreneurs in the world succeed because 9 out of 10 entrepreneurs operate from a fixed idea or concept of how things are supposed to be. They seem to fall in love with their ideas and spend their lives trying to achieve an end result from conclusions, expectations, and judgments. What most entrepreneurs are doing is looking at, "This is a great idea and this should happen this way".  Is there any conclusion in that statement? Yes! The ability to create disappears when you go into conclusion. 

When you believe “It should have occurred this way”, is there any judgment in that, any conclusion in that?  You must not do any decision, conclusion or judgment about anything. The moment you come to conclusion, you have limited what you can create and generate.

If you want to succeed as an entrepreneur you have to start functioning and being in the generative moment of "What else is possible?" Always be in the question of “What do I need to be aware of here? What do I see as the greatest possibility for this particular product/service?"

Being the question will allow you to create your business as dynamic as it can be. You have to look at the big picture to see what else is possible if you wish to create a thriving business.

90% of people that do entrepreneurship come up with a great idea but they never ask what's going to make it desirable to others. They often assume that because they see the desirability of it, they see the requirement of it, they see the necessity of it, they see the gift of it, then they think "That's all it takes".  They never ask "What would make everybody else like it?”

If you want people to buy your products and services, you have to be willing to see what other people have as a point of view and whether they will receive what you have to offer or not. You must never come to conclusion, expectation or assumption. The question you need to be functioning from is: “What’s really possible here, that I’m not even seeing?” When you are being a question, all the information you receive creates a desire for different possibility.

When you are being the question, then you will have a higher percentage rate of success. When you see something as a great idea, ask the questions and be willing to receive the awareness of different possibilities that open the door to something even greater than what you thought was possible. 

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