3 creative ways to take command of your life

The path of Benevolent Capitalism is different for each person, however many of the same potentials and infinite possibilities apply regardless of who you are and what you do. Here are three elements we’ve found to be universally true on the path of Benevolent Capitalism.

1. Be willing to take command of your life and cultivate the power and potency to become a catalyst for change and different possibility in the world.  You have to be willing to become the source and the catalyst that can create the reality and the future you would actually like to have. You have to be brutally honest with yourself and ask “Is this what I really want?” What if you knew that you had so much potency, you could catalyze everything into change? 

2. Be willing to commit to lead a life without limitation regardless of anything. Making a commitment to live as you and be all of you, and to live a life without limitation. Recognizing what is true for you and don’t waiver from it just to be normal, average and real. You know what is true for you better than anyone else, and if you lose sight of it, the world will too.

3. Be willing to see the world with a different eye. Imagine what it would be like to be a contribution, a source for a different reality, a creator of a different possibility, a destroyer of limitation, and a catalyst for change? It is truly possible except you must make the shift to a different way of being, living and creating your reality that takes into account the importance of creating value for others, creating a sustainable future, as well as achieving the financial results you desire.

Benevolent capitalism is not an extraordinary privilege or a special status bestowed upon some people and not others. It is a knowable and attainable state of being that is available to you—if you choose to claim, own, and acknowledge it. 

If you are ready to take command of your life and develop an ability to become a catalyst for a different possibility in the world, come and join us in Venice  …… The Benevolent Capitalism Class - A Better World Starts With You … 30/Jun/2017 - 3/Jul/2017 Venice, Italy