A new approach to leadership and business

Benevolent leadership is a new approach to leadership and business that is emerging from the shift in consciousness arising all over the globe. A majority of people on the planet are now profoundly aware of the essential interconnectedness of all life. 

Quantum physics has revealed that there is an intimate mutual interconnection in the web of nature, in the relationship between humankind and its environment, and between the individual, society, nature, and the planet. Each individual existence contributes to creating the energy, space, consciousness, and environment that sustains all other forms of existence. Our lives are constantly developing in a dynamic way, in a synergy of this essential interconnectedness.

This massive shift in consciousness is paving the way for a leadership approach we call benevolent leadership. Unlike old leadership paradigms, this new approach to leadership has a dual focus on achieving financial success and making a difference in the world.

Benevolent leadership is about maximizing possibility as much as it is about making money.

Benevolent leaders look at what it would take to create more in the world for everybody—not just themselves. They are keenly aware of their personal priorities and who they are choosing to be. They have an expanded awareness of unlimited possibilities and a great desire to make a difference with their life, and they merge these elements into a cohesive platform for consciously creating their businesses and generating new possibilities.

Benevolent leaders are focused on creating something greater in the world. This contrasts with conventional leadership approaches that concentrate on maximizing profits rather than creating profit and being a contribution to one’s community and the world at large. 

A better world starts with you & me!.... Learn more about Benevolent Capitalism and  become a catalyst for change and for a different possibility in the world HERE