Capitalism needs a new narrative

Too many businesses do not recognize or acknowledge the significant and far-reaching impact they could potentially produce on the environment, on other people and on the creatures that live on our planet. Some businesses even intentionally manipulate circumstances to enrich themselves at the expense of others. They pursue only their personal self-interest and focus on maximization of profit to the exclusion of all else. These are the people who have caused capitalism to earn little respect and to be seen as evil.

Much current animosity towards capitalism stems from a misidentification by many businesses that they must maximize profits, get their share of the pie and get everything they can with no consideration of the future .

Capitalism has been delegated to "where's my share of the pie?" and “how I can get what I need when I need it”, rather than "how can I create beyond this?"  This is a very destructive way of manipulating capitalism. One of the things we have realized is that most people have this point of view. This mindset doesn't create the world from a sense of possibility. It creates the world from a sense of despair and lack!

Capitalism in a free market system should not be about maximizing profit to the exclusion of all else. Do many companies try to just maximizing profit? Yes. Does it work? Actually no!..... Businesses that do this do not survive for long in today's environment.  Most companies who have done this destroy themselves.

A totally different reality is available for the business arena if we are willing to have it.  It all comes down to the choices business leaders make. But until that potential is acknowledged and activated, businesses that practice anti-conscious capitalism will continue to expand blindly, oblivious and unconscious of the consequences of their actions.

As long as people's points of view are governed by an old-fashioned system of capitalism - notable for its scarcity mindset, industrial concepts of control, predictability, profit maximization and 'more is better', we will continue to recreate businesses as they have been, despite the need of capitalism to transform and for business systems to evolve.

We have realised that a big gap for business leaders, entrepreneurs, and the general public is the awareness that there is a different way of looking at capitalism. And there is a way to generate something totally different in their businesses and in their lives if they choose to change the way they view things.

We want to change that. We are inviting business leaders to alter that anti-conscious mindset, so that they can see different possibilities and start looking at a different way of creating business, living, and a way of being in the world. If businesses don’t start considering the future of tomorrow, we won't have the amazing stuff that we can have. If we start to look from - how do I wish myself and everybody else well as well as grow our wealth?- then we can start to create a greater possibility.

The only way we are going to be on the creative edge of business, of finance, of the universe, of not becoming obsolete instantaneously is if we're looking at the possibilities of the future from the energy of Benevolent Capitalism. And it is possible, once we get over any point of view that says it is not possible. It all starts with you and me.

The whole notion of benevolent capitalism is a different way we must start looking at how we actually create ... business, our lives, leadership, strategy, home life, whatever it might be.  If we go back to the energy behind capitalism, it is about individual growth, individual wealth, individual choice. When we tie onto that the benevolence component, a whole new possibility is created.

"Benevolent capitalism," if you tap into its energy, is about organically growing and at the same time wishing well for everyone. And everyone means the planet, not just people. Everyone actually means everyone, everything, every ... fill in the gap.

A better world starts with you & me!.... Learn more about Benevolent Capitalism and  become a catalyst for change and for a different possibility in the world HERE