How do you see your job as a leader?

Research conducted by The Carnegie Institute of Technology has revealed that 85 percent of a leader’s success in business is due to his or her way of being and ability to relate to people effectively. 

In our work with business leaders around the world, we’ve had the opportunity to observe many organizations and the people who lead them. The most dynamic, effective, and generative leaders we’ve seen are those who embrace change. They are willing to give up fixed expectations and predetermined outcomes and change and transform on a dime.

When leaders engage in tightly controlling behavior in an attempt to make sure that everything goes the way they want it to go, they often generate rigidity in thought and action in themselves as well as their staff.

Think about the way you lead

  • Do you inspire people to go above and beyond?
  • Do you motivate them to do their best?
  • Are your people sincerely willing to do more than what is normally expected to help the organization succeed?
  • Do they have the freedom to choose the way they do their job or execute their responsibilities?
  • Do you give your people the chance to be a contribution, to make a difference, and exercise their talents and abilities?
  • Do you inspire them to bring all of their capabilities to work every day?

If your answers to these questions are not really or not very much, are you aware that you are unlikely motivating people to be fully engaged in their work? If this is the case, you’re operating at a real strategic disadvantage. The more you shackle people through rigid control, micromanagement, or the constraints of policy, rigid procedures, and processes, the less engaged and inspired they will be about their work.

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