Our desired life doesn't just happen!

Achieving the life we desire isn't something that just happens!

Do you have an idea about what you really want to create as your life? Is your life the way you want it to be? If not, what is blocking you from achieving the life you desire?

One of the main reasons why most people don't live the life they desire is they haven't any idea about what they want to create as their life. They are oblivious to what they are truly capable of.  This lack of awareness is usually met by denial and can make people feel hopeless. In this paradigm, they are powerless to create any change. Does any of this sound familiar?

But it doesn't have to be that way for any of us. We all have capacities, which, if we use them to our advantage, will create more in the world. I've seen many instances where being aware of 'what is possible that I have never even considered', can actually open people up to perceive different choices and possibilities. Awareness can alter our perception and allow us to be open to some new ways of looking at the world. From this space we begin to think about a future that we've ignored or denied. When we begin to make shifts in our thinking, we open multiple doors for new ideas and opportunities.

The big challenge is to get in touch with what we really want to create as our future.  For example, since I chose to live a benevolent life and create my world from the sense of possibility, I began to ask the question "What’s possible here I haven’t considered?". This question opened the door for me to see everything from a different place. I became aware that to live a benevolent lifestyle I had to choose a future of expansive possibility. Ultimately, it is my choice. With question comes choice. With choice comes awareness. With awareness comes change and different possibilities. The only way we are going to be on the creative edge of business, of finance, of the universe, of not becoming obsolete instantaneously is if we're looking at the possibilities of the future.

I had the choice to start looking at a different way of being in the world, at things, at a different way of creating my business and my life. I started asking "what are the possibilities for the future?",  and began to take a fresh perspective for every area of my life. Every time I look at a future of expansive possibility, I feel a sense of space. This question gives me the renewed energy, inspiration and impetus to live a benevolent life more fully. My ability to look at the possibilities and see where I want to go and when it actually might be possible, becomes more potent as a result.

Achieving the life we desire is truly possible for all of us, but it is only attainable if we have the desire, commitment and vision to see beyond our limitations and present circumstances.  We must choose to stop operating within the limitations of this reality. We also must stop choosing to be in agreement with everyone else about what is. If we don’t function from an awareness of the possibilities of future, we will never create a life that is more than what we currently have.

Making the choice to create our life as a priority and making a commitment to this are required if we wish to create a future. When we make this a priority we will choose differently instead of falling through life and bumping into our future.  We have to be willing to function from the awareness of what will create the future we would like to have, and not from the conclusion of what we've decided we want the future to be.

Functioning from the awareness of what will create the future we would like to have means we're always in a mode of question, choice, possibility and contribution. That's the place we have to live from if we wish to create the life we desire.

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