We have a different choice

Have you adopted conventional business strategies because you believe your industry’s structural characteristics are inflexible and your business boundaries are defined? Have you also concluded that you must compete within these limits or boundaries?

If you accept this assumption, you create your business in the context of the industry’s structure and you attempt to locate yourself within the structure of that industry. What if you really could change everything? 

What if there was another choice here? What if there were simple things that you could do to generate different possibilities for your business and your life?

A lot of business people function from, 'This is what we have done in the past so we just need to do a little bit more of the same but better.' They take existing frameworks and overlay them onto new strategy. They believe that's going to sustain them into the future. This is very common in a conventional strategy meeting. We set new strategy, then make a choice which creates a potential but very often we then follow that up with a fixed point of view about that potential, so no new reality can be created. 

The benevolent capitalism maxim brings something new into the way we create our business. If we are willing to realize the past is nothing but history, and don’t lock ourselves into these past experiences as though they are relevant or real, we can choose to create something even greater. We have the choice to choose differently in a similar situation but if we choose to reference our past, we will choose what we did before again. 

When we try to do what we did in the past and do it more dynamically to create more of the same in the future, it doesn't actually work. What we did then was what worked then and it probably isn't still the same.  It's a different day, it's a different time, it's a different place, it's a different space. Instead, we can ask - 'What can we do different today that would create more?'

We have a different choice and a different possibility with our own business. Our willingness to look at what else we could create and what would create different possibilities will move us in a forward motion of generating and renewing our organization and the planet.

A better world starts with you & me!.... Learn more about Benevolent Capitalism and  become a catalyst for change and for a different possibility in the world HERE