Why is Awareness Important?

Lack of awareness can lead to massive miscalculations, damaging assumptions, false conclusions and poor decision making.

We live in a time of accelerating change in the global landscape. To thrive and flourish in these circumstances, we must expand our awareness and formulate generative strategies in order to have a benevolent life. The ability to prosper and thrive in tough times is what sets generative people apart from ones that are barely scraping by.

If you have the awareness to know what is happening and where you are going, you will be able to generate something different. With intensity of awareness, you are  able to perceive and receive the changes, positive and negative, that may affect your business and the world. Intensity of awareness is the key to creating a balanced integration of organizational vision, and strategic and operational realities.

If you are experiencing difficulty or a limitation in your business, there must be something you’ve blocked from your awareness. What if you had far more awareness than you give yourself credit for?

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