Become a Benevolent Leader and lead a BCC Group

As a Benevolent Leader you are stepping into being a catalyst for change as well as being a contribution to create a better world and a sustainable future on this planet. This is a huge gift to opening up a greater possibility for more consciousness being available on this planet.

As a BCC group leader you will be able to facilitate people to become a benevolent leader, have the potency for being a catalyst for change and create different possibilities in businesses and on the planet - in a one-on-one and small group setting and support your clients by:

  • Demonstrating a non-conventional approach to leadership
  • Assisting in identifying limitations
  • Facilitating people to develop an expanded zone of awareness and foresight in their role as a leader
  • Introducing self-awareness techniques
  • Providing strategies that help people find their own solutions
  • Developing a system to integrate leadership skills in their daily routines and offering objective feedback

In order to become a certified BCC group leader, you need to have undertaken the “Unlocking Benevolent Capitalism - The Tool for Benevolent Leadership That Creates a Better World” WORKSHOP, either live, livestreamed or on demand. FOR MORE DETAILS ABOUT THE WORKSHOP

Contact Delany to start your registration as a BCC group leader.