Benevolent Leadership

Over the next decade businesses will be challenged to change more than leaders can imagine. To meet the challenges of the next decade—and to take full advantage of the possibilities—they need to cultivate the ability to change and transform on a dime.

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What exactly is benevolent leadership ?

Being a benevolent leader isn’t about being a philanthropist or a humanitarian. It’s not about being altruistic. There’s nothing lofty about it. It has nothing to do with self-important concepts. Benevolent leadership is about something much more pragmatic. It’s about creating greater possibilities for yourself, your community, and the world at large. 


Are you Micromanaging your staff ?

When you micromanage, you are asking for problems. It is sheer absurdity for leaders to think they can competently micromanage their entire business themselves. If you find yourself (like many conventional business leaders) telling yourself, “I gotta take care of this issue, this problem, or this person. I gotta to do this and I gotta do that,” you are probably micromanaging your staff. This isn’t your job as a leader.