Is capitalism good or bad for society?

Capitalism, in and of itself, is value neutral. It is neither good nor bad. Capitalism can be a source for good when it is based on benevolence or it can be irresponsible and destructive to planet Earth if it is based on anti-consciousness and greed. 

Sadly too many organizations that follow conventional capitalism tend to operate from a fixed ideas or anti-conscious concept of how things are supposed to be. They do this even if it means causing destitution and starvation, creating untold suffering for animals and the natural environment, and depleting and destroying the natural resources of our planet.

Everything capitalists do can be done from a conscious benevolent space or from an anti-conscious perspectives. Capitalism and business ventures therefore can be practiced consciously, unconsciously, or anti-consciously. When the businesses are operating from a conscious benevolent perspective, they can be an architect or a catalyst for making the world a better place as well as contribute to the greater good. On the other hand, when businesses are operating anti-consciously, they tend to be motivated by selfishness and greed, which leads to exploitation, mishandling, abuse, and even fraud or deception. Similarly, when businesses are operating unconsciously, they tend to demonstrate a precarious lack of awareness, short-sightedness of vision, and superficiality of priority. 

Conventional capitalism is not working anymore. Businesses can’t do capitalism from just what they can get out of it. Business today needs a new paradigm along the lines of benevolent capitalism, because it is apparent that conventional business practices are out of balance—and we need to address this imbalance now. Capitalism must morph into being more responsible, transparent, and benevolent. 

Benevolent means that you shall do as little harm as possible. You don't do anything to get a specific result, you do it to create a greater result. If you are truly benevolent, you will look at what is going to create more,  not what is going to create less.

So benevolent capitalism is about seeing the kindest way, the least damage way to create something greater in the world that can create more possibilities so that we can have some kind of sustainable future. 

Chutisa BowmanComment