BCC Book Clubs are an incredibly effective and active way for people to get together to discover a non-conventional approach to leading life and business without limitation and support each other to create a greater difference on the planet.

Anyone interested in contributing to change in the world can start a book club based around the content of the Benevolent Leadership book. The single most important quality you need in order to create a sustainable future and planet is the “willingness” to be a conscious benevolent leader.

You can invite people to be part of your book club, weekly, fortnightly or monthly, to discuss and explore the myriad implications and insights gained from the Benevolent Leadership book. This can also be supported and supplemented with the postings from the existing Benevolent Capitalism Facebook page and website. All you have to do is lead people through the discussions and explorations, and share the insights with others through the Facebook page.

Contact Delany to start your registration as a Benevolent Capitalism Connection Book Club.