Benevolent Capitalism .......

A revolutionary way of being!

The alternative way….  of looking at finance, money, wealth generation, the way we live our life and creating our business. The key to living a benevolent capitalism lifestyle is to start embracing a benevolent capitalism approach, in every little way you possibly can.

Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are truly living a benevolent capitalism way.... the journey begins!

It all started when...

Many years ago, we began asking "What else is possible?" and "What can we be and do different to create a different reality and a sustainable future on the planet?" 

Together (Gary, Chutisa, Dain and Steve), we extrapolated the idea of Benevolent Capitalism - a different possibility for capitalism that could lead to the creation of a world not governed primarily by scarcity and greed.

We came to the awareness that if many of us chose to be more conscious and chose  a benevolent capitalism way of being, different possibilities could be created in the world.

A better world starts with you & me!

No matter who you are, where you live, what you do or how much money you have or don't have, you can choose to embrace a benevolent capitalism way of being. In this website, you will discover what a benevolent life and benevolent capitalism means and why choosing to embrace this way of being and living is so vital to your future and the future of the world.

This blog is about our pragmatic approach and our progression towards living a benevolent life. It is about the joys, the insights and the adventure. It is about the different possibilities we have discovered. It is written to inspire you to intentionally live a benevolent life. And become a catalyst for change and for different possibilities.

It is about creating the greatest possibility and impact, with the least harm to others and the planet. The tools offered in this evening class can be used as a maxim for life, business, even relationships, families and more!

When you are truly functioning as a benevolent capitalist, you see how every choice you make creates a different future, for you, the people around you and the world. What kind of world would you like to live in? It’s YOUR choice to create it, and every person choosing it makes a huge difference.