Benevolent Capitalism, the conscious way to create a business

"Benevolent Capitalism -- is the point of view that you can't do capitalism from just what you can get out of it. You have to do it from how it contributes to you and everybody else.

The thing is, there is nothing wrong with capitalism and the willingness to make money. Business and capitalism are the greatest creators of value in the world. But they need to focus on sustainability instead of just thinking about short-term financial benefits. At the moment, too much capitalism tends to be about enriching the few at the expense of the many. Enriching the few is not so much the problem, it is more the “at the expense of the many”.

Using Money to Create More Possibilities

Are you willing to have whatever the amount of the money it would take to generate as much consciousness on the planet that the world can have. Money is not anti-conscious; money is not anti-spiritual; money is not anti-anything. Money is an acknowledgment of how you are willing to generate your life in this reality.

The Future of Tomorrow

What are you creating as your future? Creating a future is about creating future potential possibilities. When you function from question, choice, possibility and contribution, every choice creates many future possibilities, not a single result. 

Maximizing Possibilities Instead of Profit

Are you aware that when you choose to follow the conventional capitalism model based on maximizing profit, you are obligated to stay within business models that are inherently unsustainable. These models prevent your company from going beyond the bounds of what is deemed normal and customary by your sector or industry.

Everyone can make a difference

So basically, for those people who say, "hey, I am not a capitalist and i am not working in the corporate structure ..... You still can choose to be a catalyst for change even if you are living at home being a stay at home mum. 

What can you be or do different today?

Just imagine what your business and your life would be like if you stopped functioning on autopilot and began to generate your business with awareness and generosity of spirit. This is truly possible-except you have to be willing to change. It takes the willingness to be aware of everything, which allows you to perceive different possibilities.