The Workshop

Benevolent Leadership - Benevolent Capitalism

Unlocking Benevolent Capitalism
The Tool for Benevolent Leadership That Creates a Better World

12 -15 September 2015 - Melbourne, Australia & Streamed Live Online!


“There are no traditional classrooms or textbooks in this program. We teach Benevolent Capitalism and Benevolent Leadership the way it is meant to be taught - in your face, no limitations left unturned, no hiding or excuses. Prepare to undertake reflection on your values and attitudes and be ready to explore the cause of complex social and planetary problems and uncover new ways forward for yourself and others.” - Steven Bowman


During this 4 day workshop you will explore creation with your life, business, finance, wealth, leadership, relationships, innovation, risk, being strategic, being sustainable, using this reality to maximize possibilities.

What does it take to become a benevolent leader on a practical level?

A Different Possibility 

  • Discover unique, non-conventional approaches to leadership for individual leaders and organisations
  • Learn and use tools that will destroy assumptions, uncreate fixed points of view, generate possibilities that you have been refusing to see

A New Paradigm

  • Acquire tools to create a greater reality than the one you already have
  • Expand your zone of awareness and foresight of your role as a leader 

A Catalyst for Change

  • Kick start innovation in a new way
  • Make a profound change in the way you lead for a better world
  • Gain practical ideas and tools for achieving excellence within your organization while inspiring others to do so as well 

Making A Difference

  • What is required to actualize the visions that will make a significant difference in your organization and in the world?
  • Achieve insight on how to create a sustainable future in this time of great change

Become a Benevolent Leader in your own life and potentially change the world in ways you have never considered under the guidance of these three world-renowned benevolent leaders.

Gary Douglas, C.F.M.W. - Houston, TX, USA
Founder of Access Consciousness®, world renowned author and speaker, owner of the Antique Guild in Brisbane.

Steven Bowman & 
Chutisa Bowman
 - Melbourne, Australia
Advisors to boards and top CEO’s around the world, world renowned authors and speakers, founders of Prosperity Consciousness.

These multi-million dollar business founders will facilitate you to foster and expand your benevolent leadership zone of awareness and unlock your present reality to become even more of the remarkable leader you truly are.

Aimed at…

  • Experienced leaders, and those in emerging new leadership roles 
  • Individuals who would like to increase their leadership effectiveness and develop as both a leader at home, in the workplace and as a member of society
  • C-level executives with broad strategy responsibilities, founders, entrepreneurs and owners of mid-size organisations who wish to create a better world